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ShiftAside includes 21-Sessions

Each session takes less than 20 minutes and can be completed at your own pace.






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Learn a bite-size lesson which includes relatable, real-life examples.
Learn a lesson

A Growth Mindset is when you believe that your abilities can be developed through dedication and effort."

Each lesson is reinforced with a few short questions at the end

Take a quiz


Complete a task that improves your mood, reduces isolation, or helps you get your heart rate up.
Do an activity

Exercise Group

Complete short activities that help you feel successful.

OR, every other session, move with the team.  Our instructors represent varying age, levels and body shape.


Track how the plan is working.
Report Mood

Mood quiz
Mood Chart

Research-proven results


84% of depressed participants SIGNIFICANTLY improved shortly after starting ShiftAside's plan

99% reported STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT improvement on most days.




Most humans have some unhealthy/unhelpful thoughts & behaviors from time to time, but when you are feeling low, overwhelmed, or stressed, they can go into overdrive. ShiftAside's lessons focus on recognizing these thoughts & behaviors so you can change what is contributing to low/sad/anxious/irritable/etc feelings.


Feeling successful is a human need. ShiftAside activities are designed to help you feel better and activate your motivation and help you to enjoy some quick success.


You can start ShiftAside with confidence that you can feel better. Research has shown that incorporating certain strategies effectively combat low, anxious, irritable emotions and moods---and ShiftAside shows you how. You'll track your mood and see how your symptoms and behaviors change.

The 21-Session Journey at a Glance

Phase 1

The Framework

Each session, you will learn about common behaviors, symptoms and thoughts that contribute to low moods and what you may be doing to sustain them.

You'll engage in short activities that provide feelings of accomplishment and meet your fitness instructors who will help get your heart rate elevated, with tailored exercises.

Phase 2

Common Patterns

Your learnings continue when you dig into the various unhealthy thought patterns and how to identify them within yourself.

You'll continue to complete activities that encourage things like gratitude, being outside, and moving your body. By now, you'll be in the rhythm of exercising with your instructors every other session.

Phase 3

Begin Shifting

This section focuses on identifying unhealthy thoughts and learn strategies on how to challenge and stop them. You'll practice healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

The final week you may notice your energy has increased, you feel stronger and you have more, "I can do this" energy. You may notice that the small changes you've been making along the way have resulted in a BIG transformation.

At the end of the 21 sessions you will:


Learn skills how to shift out of your low/unmotivated/sad days into better ones


Understand your moods & learn healthy management skills


Be empowered to better handle your behavior, health, & mindset


Know the most effective strategies to live happier

Comparable Costs of Professional Help

Online Therapy

In-Person Therapy

Doctor Appointment


$60-$90 per session

$150 per visit

$68 for a 10 minute visit

$1,127 annually


$59 one-time fee